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I work with individual and couples using a contemporary psychoanalytic perspective.  While focusing on your issues and goals, we will also explore the many ways your life history influences how you experience your life in the present.  This will naturally include the importance of your formative life experiences when you were developing your sense of self and how you learned to be in relationship.   It will inevitable also include attention to the therapy relationship itself. 


My background in somatic forms of psychotherapy (dance/movement therapy) has given me special expertise in how to bring focus to the body, and offers the possibility of using movement and creativity, in addition to talking, as part our process. We experience our lives and relationships not only through words and thoughts, but also through sensations and kinesthetic impulses. Bringing attention to all these realms expands the psychotherapy process. 

Previous to my deeper focus on psychoanalytic theory and practice, I trained extensively in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of therapy. This form of therapy helps clients identify and work with internal “parts” of themselves almost as if interacting with different internal "people."  It is one form of therapy that acknowledges the inherent multiplicity of the mind.  

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