I offer both individual and couples counseling and psychotherapy.


I approach the therapy process primarily from a psychodynamic perspective.  While focusing on your issues and goals, we will also explore the many ways your life history influences how you experience your life in the present.  This will usually include the importance of early-life experiences when you were developing your sense of self and how you learned to be in relationship.


My background in dance/movement therapy has given me special expertise in how to bring focus to the body, and offers the possibility of using movement and creativity, in addition to talking, as part our process.  In the individual counseling setting, this method of psychotherapy might better be thought of as "movement based psychotherapy", rather than “dance". By bridging the body’s own wisdom and imagination with the conscious mind, the client gains access to his/her inner world through thought, sensation, kinesthetic impulse, creativity and talking about the experience.


To view a video of my talking about dance movement therapy, click here.

I also use the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach to therapy. This is a form of therapy that helps clients identify and work with internal “parts” of themselves.  We will clarify, distinguish and work with feelings and thoughts almost as if you were interacting with different "people" inside you.  This way of working offers a helpful tool to make sense of polarized feelings and thoughts through an acknowledgement of the inherent multiplicity of the mind.